Georges Tefalmacher
Professor Paul Levinson, PhD
Dylan Priest Photography
Photography by Suzanne
M.A. Cassata - Author of Entertainment/Celebrity Books and Writing Coach 
The Creative Nexus
Cooking With Corey
Open Heart
Carol Moore
Mark Shepard
Taking the Bully by the Horns
Brian Martin: Publications on Peace, War and Nonviolence
Daniel Mauser Memorial
Peace, Love and Me
How I Changed the World Today
Speak Compassion

One World Everybody Eats
Talk,Trust and Feel Therapeutics - Lynne Namka, Ed. D. President
Joe Brummer - Building a Trauma-Informative Restorative School

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
United For Human Rights
Human Rights Campaign
Human Rights Watch
Amnesty International
ONE Campaign
Audrey Hepburn's Children's Fund
The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund
Teaching the Holocaust
Malala Fund
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
International Women's Day
Habitat for Humanity
The Human Kindness Foundation
Random Acts of Kindness
Extreme Kindness
Pay It Forward Foundation
Greater Good - Click to Donate (It's Free)
War Child
Enough is Enough - Protect Kids in Cyberspace
Safety Detectives - 3 Best Antivirus Programs to Keep Kids Safe Online
Police Abuse - We Investigate Public Officials (Also, file complaints here)
TRUE COLORS FUND (co-founded by Cyndi Lauper to raise awareness about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth)
It Gets Better Project (Hope for LGBT Teens)
National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
The Innocence Project - Helping People Who Have Been Wrongfully Convicted
Advocates for Wrongfully Convicted
Waging Peace - Building a Safe and Democratic World
Advocates for Wrongly Convicted
Unite the World
Mediators Beyond Borders


ANIMAL HOME: Adopt a Pet or Find a Home for your Pet
National Association for Humane and Environmental Education
WSPA USA - World Society for the Protection of Animals
Humane Society of the United States
Animal Welfare Institute
All the Same Wild and Tame
Animal Legal Defense Fund
The Gentle Barn -Teaching People Kindness and Compassion To Animals, Each Other and our Planet
Renting With Pets - Tips to Help Find Rental and Housing with Pets - Search Pet Friendly Apartments

My New Place - Search Engine for Pet Friendly Apartments - Lots of Information About Traveling with Pets
Pet Friendly Hotels - Lots of Information About Traveling with Pets
Trips With Pets - Lots of Information About Traveling with Pets

AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) Care for Pets
Deaf Dog Education Action Fund
AAHA Healthypet Homepage
Small Paws Rescue, Inc. - Assists People With Keeping Their Pets
Petsynergy - Holistic Veterinary Medicine & Natuuural Pet Care
ASPCA - American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Missing Pet Network
Cyber-Pet "Finding a Lost Pet"
Home Again Pet Recovery & Identification System
 Know Your DNA - How to Test for Your Dog's Allergies
 The Gorilla Foundation: See Koko the Signing Gorilla!
The Healing Power of Pets
Pets Improve Mental Health

The Human-Animal Bond - Veterinary Medicine - Lots of Great Links!
How Your Pet Can Heal You

Pets Helping People
American Dog Trainer's Network: Service and Assistance dogs
Online Registration of Service Dogs
Canine Companions for Independence
Patty Summers - Professional in Human/Animal Understanding & Communication
The Hornet Electronic Deer Avoidance System for Vehicles
Pet - Great Message Board for Animal Lovers!
  WildAid - Active Conservation Awareness Program
Big Paw Blog - Pet rescue stories, products, photos and more!
For The Love of the Dog - Vitally important news for you and your canine companion
Animals Need
The Pet Show - Warren Eckstein
Joyful Paws - Barbara Techel and her Wheelchair-Bound Dachshund Frankie Helping Us Lean Compassion

Janet Roper: Animal Communicator (She talks to the Animals!)
Read With Max - Via His Books, Max the Dog Helps Children Express Themselves
LifeLine Animal Project
Home Dog LA - Keeping Pets and Families Together One Home At A Time
Banfield Foundation - Helping People and Pets Find Safety Together

The World’s First at-Home Cat DNA Test Kit
Pawp - the Digital Clinic for Pets
Dutch - Online Vet Care with Licensed Veterinarians

Nonviolence InternationalWaging Nonviolence - Worldwide News Reporting About Nonviolent Activities
Nonviolent PeaceforceThe Nonviolence Project
Resource Center for Nonviolence
Nonviolence United
Institute for the Study and Prevention of Violence
"Say No To Violence.Org - United Nations Development Fund For Women
Center for Nonviolence
Talking With Kids About Violence
Non-violent Crisis Resolution - Stopping Crisis Before it HappensStopping
Violence Promoting Peace - Citizens Against Terror

International Campaign to Ban Landmines
Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE)
Center for Building a Culture of Empathy
Roots of Empathy
Seeds of Empathy

MINCAVA: Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse
JUST VISION - Supporting Israeli and Palestinian non-violent civic peace builders
AFWW (A Future Without War)

End Violence Project
Stop Hate
Teachers Against Prejudice
Y? The National Forum on People's Differences Home Page
Report Hate Crimes in the USA Here with this Form
Fight OUT Loud - Organization dedicated to fighting Violence Against Gay Individuals
The Center for Nonviolent Communication
National Crime Prevention Council
FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
The Alliance of Guardian Angels
Campus Health & Safety Org. - Violence Prevention
National Sexual Violence Resource Center
National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center

V-Day: A Global Movement to End Violence Against Women and Girls
Friends for a Non-Violent World
The White Ribbon Campaign - Men Working to End Men's Violence Against Women
International Center on Nonviolent Conflict
Nonviolent Peaceforce
A Force More Powerful: Using Nonviolent Conflict to Achieve Democracy& Human Rights
Juvenile Awareness Programs (Scared Straight) - A Program That Shows Kids What it's Like to be in Prison
Nonviolence Works
Nonviolence& Nonviolent Action - Fragments Website by James VanHise
Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP)
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence - State-by-state laws pertaining to violeeence against women
School Students Against War
Trying Out "Non-Violent Communication" With Kids: An Experiment
Arun Gandhi (Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi)
The End Violence Project - Providing Leadership to Inmates and Ex-Offenders
Nonviolence by Sanderson Beck
Nonviolent Choice Info
 Literature for Children and Young Adults Examining Issues of Violence and Conflict Resolution
Center for Global Nonkilling
Human Kind Voices of Hope and Humanity - Teaching Non-Violence
Universal Signal for Help if You're Experiencing Violence


IMAGINE PEACE - (John Lennon and Yoko Ono)
Light a Candle for Peace, Love and Gratitude Here
Teach the Children Peace Foundation
Create Peace Project
Children's Global Peace Project

Seeds of Peace
Peace One Day
Veterans for Peace
Peace Resource Project
Conflict Resolution Network
Jewish Voice for Peace - Advocating for Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians
The King Center
M.K. Gandhi Institute for Non-Violence
Becoming Peace - Read and Sign the 2000 Peace Manifesto
The Peace Alliance
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation - Committed to a World Free of Nuclear Weapons
The Halo Trust - Dedicated to Removing Landmines
Cultivating Peace - An Educational Resource
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
Stop the Bombs
No More Victims - How War Affects Our Children
We, the World
Culture of Peace
Peace Child - Empowering Young People
Top Pun
HALO Trust - Getting Mines Out of the Ground for Good
International Campaign to Ban Landmines



International Association for Suicide Prevention Crisis Centers
Domestic Violence Information and Hotlines
Crisis Text Line
Child Abuse Prevention Network

Child Rescue Network
American Society for the Positive Care of Children
Amber Alert - America's Missing:Broadcast Emergency

Keeping Kids Safe Online
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Taking the Bully by the Horns (My Friend Kathy's Book)

Stop Bullying.Gov

Cameron's Anti-Bully Campaign
Hat Not Hate - Wear Blue Hats to Show You're Against Bullying 

Cerebral Palsy Guidance - Many resources and information including Bullying
A Student's Guide to Recognizing and Reporting Cyber Crime
Accredited Schools Online: Bullying Awareness Guidebook

The Effects of Cyberbullying on Youth
Fingerprint for Success - 6 Main Causes of Bullying
Women Against Domestic Violence

Emerging Solutions For Domestic Violence
 Men For Change - Men's Group Dedicated to Ending Domestic Violence

Intimate Partner Violence Guide
RAINN - Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

 Recovery Village
A Guide to Prevention and Intervention

Girls, Inc. - Inspiring Girls to be Strong, Smart and Bold
NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness
Narcotics Anonymous
Alcoholics Anonymous
Addiction Treatment During The COVID-19 Pandemic
IDR Intrepid Detox Residential
Addiction Drug and Alcohol Intervention
Grace Land Recovery Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Veterans
Resources for Domestic Violence Addiction and Detox
PTSD Self-Test - J. Flowers Health
Chapel Hill Health Resources - Detox 
North Jersey Recovery Rehab Program - Addiction Information
Phoenix Rising Recovery - Addiction Programs

Free by the Sea - Addiction & Rehab Treatment
Rock Recovery Center - Addiction Resources
 New Directions for Women - Addiction Resources
 Kingsway Recovery - Substance Abuse Treatment
 Addiction Treatment During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Coastal Detox
 Northern Illinois Recovery Center
 Tulip Hill Recovery Center
Gamblers Anonymous
Debtors Anonymous
Overeaters Anonymous
Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
Red Nose Day

It's on Us - Support for Sexual Assault
The Trevor Project - Crisis Prevention for LGBT and Q (Questioning) Youth
True Colors Fund (Founded by Cyndi Lauper to Help LGBT Homeless Youth
T.A.P.S. - Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (Military Related)
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)
Inside Hazing
Weight Watchers International
Richard Simmons Weight Loss - Help for Quitting Smoking
Why - Help for Quitting Smoking
Tuesday's Children - Support for Children Who Lost Loved Ones on Sept. 11th
Talking With Kids About Tough Issues
How to Talk to Your Child About the News
Network for Good - Online Charity Database and Information
Greater Good - Help People and Animals for Free with the Click of Your Mouse
Free Rice - Play Word Game that Helps Give Rice to People in Need
Make a Wish America - Grants Wishes to Children with Life-Threatening Illnesses
AmFAR - Donate for AIDS Research
Elton John AIDS Foundation
Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
The Mattie J.T. Stepanek Foundation
Kars For Kids - Donate a Car, Help Children
Autism Treatment Center of America - The Son Rise Program (I read the book and it's Amazing)
GuideStar - Database for Thousands of Nonprofit Organizations
Color a Smile - Send Drawings to Them and They Redistribute to Those in Need
Project Linus - Send Homemade Blankets to Them and They Redistribute to Those in Need
All For Good - Volunteering Information
VolunteerMatch - Volunteering Information
Volunteers of America
Catchafire - Volunteer Your Expertise From Anywhere

Donors - Classroom Teachers Post Requests
Camp To Belong - Reunites Brothers and Sisters in Separate Out-of-Home Placements
The Doe Fund - Providing the Homeless with a Hand Up Not a Hand Out
Save 1 Person - Matches People Who Need Help with Those Willing to Help
 Go Fund Me - Personal Fundraising Site
Kickstarter - Personal Fundraising Site
KindSpring - Read and Share Stories of Kindness
Safe Place for Newborns - Support for Those Who Need to Give up Their Newborn
Empowering Caregivers - Community of Support
Death With Dignity National Center
Online Support Groups
Meetup - Finding, Meeting and Sharing with Others (Search Engine) - A Caring Person named Jennifer Scott Helps Us Deal with Depression and Anxiety

Understanding the 'Me Too' Movement - A Sexual Harrassment Awaremess Guide - Support Site for Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones
Sound it Out Together - Mental Health Resources for Middle Schoolers

Cyberbullying: How to handle and identify online harassment
Best Online Therapy (Free)
LGBTQ+ Young Adults and Teen Mental Health: How to Help Yourself and Your Friends
LGBTQ+ Friendly Drug Rehab Facilities
Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers Directory

Stay - Make informed decisions about Cannabis, CBD Oil and More
Casco Bay Recovery
Sana Lake Recovery
Discovery Institute
Harmony Ridge Recovery Center
Recovery Resources for LGBTQ+
Why Substance Abuse is Worse in the LGBTQ+ Community 


Environmental News Network
Earth Day Network
Earth Hour
American Forests
Smokey the Bear Fire Prevention
The Old Farmer's Almanac
Accuweather - What's YOUR Weather?
Green Car Information
Run Your Car with Water
American Solar Energy Society
The 1 to 1 Movement - Educational Resources on Going Green
10 Reasons to Go Green Starting NOW


Learn CPR Online - You May Save a Life!
Life Alert - Wear a Bracelet or Necklace That Will Summon Help
National Institutes of Health
Medline Plus - A Service of the National Institutes of Health
American Medical Association
Herbal Medicine
Holistic Online
Ask a Doctor Online Now
Doctor on Demand - Talk to a Doctor Now
Virtual Medical Group - Talk to a Doctor Now
Health Grades - How America Finds a Doctor
Dr. Weil
Dr. Oz
Dr. Phil
Care.Com - Find a Caregiver
Assisted Living Directory
Locks of Love - Donate Hair to People Who Need it
Helen Keller Services for Blind and Deaf
American Sign Language University - Large Resource
Natural Reader - Free Type to Text Speech Program
Fitbit - Tracks Calories, Steps, Heart Rate and More
American Cancer Society
Cancer Schmancer Movement - Fran Drescher
Stand Up To Cancer
American Heart Association Go Red for Women Campaign
American Diabetes Association
AmFAR - The Foundation for AIDS Research
Elton John AIDS Foundation
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
Legal Zoom - How to Create a Living Will

Life Alert - Home Emergency Help When You're Alone
Search for an Urgent Care in Your Area Here
United States Emergency Preparedness State Listing Offices and First Aid Kit Information
A Quiet Epidemic: Substance Abuse Among Nurses
Co.Protect - Face Masks for Adults and Children
Seasonal Allergies: Everything You Need to Know
Helping Children With Cerebral Palsy

The Derm Review - Health Disparities in the LGBT+ Community
Snug Safety - Daily Check to Make Sure You're OK

Helen Keller
Mother Teresa
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Princess Diana
Audrey Hepburn
Joan Baez
Elton John
John Lennon
Christopher Reeve
Mattie J.T. Stepanek
The My Hero Project - Tell the World About Your Hero


23 Science-Backed Ways to Reduce Stress Right Now
Get Your Angries Out
The Power of Music to Reduce Stress
Reading Reduces Stress
Aquazone Virtual Fish Tank for PC
Bubble Fish Lamp
Sound Spa
International Center for Reiki Training (Search for a Reiki Master in Your Area)
Hyland's Calms Forte (Herbal Stress Reliever)
Word Games on your PC
AniPet Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Laughter is the Best Medicine
Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor
The Humor Project, Inc.
Therapeutic Humor with Dr. Steve (Humor Matters)
The Gesundheit! Institute (Founded by Patch Adams, MD)
Comedy Warriors (Healing Through Humor)
How Laughter Works
Patty (She's a Nurse Clown)
Abbott and Costello "Who's on First?" YouTube Video
Rufus T. FireFly (Groucho Marx) Duck Soup YouTube Video
Best of "I Love Lucy"

Hilarious Wrong Number scene - Carol Burnett & Tim Conway
Top 10 George Carlin Bits
Best Moments of Jim Carrey
Best Moments of Robin Williams
Rita Rudner
Steven Wright
Mel Blanc on David Letterman (Mel Does his Voices!)
"Saturday Night Live" 40 Years Highlights
Best of "Seinfeld"
Funniest Moments from "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
Best of "Friends"
"The Nanny" - Funny Moments
Craziest "Frasier" Moments
"Mad About You" Everybody Hates Me
Top 10 Mel Brooks Movies
100 Years of Comedy - Chaplin to Mel Brooks
Comic Relief '87 Opening
"Whose Line is it Anyway?" - Best of Season 4
Ellen Scares People on her Show
Just For Gags

Family Works
The Art of Being Happily Single
Families Come in All Shapes and Sizes (Teaching Tolerance)
The ABC's of Parenting
The Parents Union
Single Parents
Single Mothers by Choice
National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse
Fathering Magazine
National Stepfamily Resource Center
Gay Parent LGBT Magazine
Proud Parenting
MAVIN Foundation - Resources for Mixed Heritage Families
The Many Shades of Love - 23 Years in an Interracial Marriage and Family Blog
The Family Dinner Project
Net Nanny - Protect Your Children Online
The Best Kids Trackers: Using Wearables for Child Safety
Wired Safety - The World's Oldest Online Safety, Education and Help Group
SafeKidssafety guides and advice for kids such as sexting, social media, cyberbullying and how parents can talk to kids

Cyberbullying: A Resource for Social Workers
How to Raise a Non-Violent Child
Raising a Non-Violent Child

Happy To Be Me! - Teaching Self-Esteem to Children
A Parent's Guide: Preventing College Alcohol and Drug Abuse
My Parenting Journal - Teaching Children to Control Anger
Stewie the -  Educate Children and Families on Water Safety
Ultimate List of Food Safety Resources for Kids
Tutor Bot - Online Math Games for Children to Improve Their Skills


Homeland Security
The White House
Political Resources on the Net

LinxNet U.S. Government Index
USA.Gov - Government Made Easy
Congress.Org - The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Politics and Elections
Kids Turn Central - Learning About USA Politics
Kids.Gov - Kids Lean About Politics
Rock the Vote
Dennis Kucinich
MoveOn.Org - Democracy in Action
Americans United for Separation of Church and State
US Presidents and Vice Presidents List
The American Presidency Project
How the Election for U.S. President Works
 How to Contact Your Congress Person

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institute (IIHS)
Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
Consumer Reports Car Safety Information
AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
Driving Safety Tips to Avoid an Accident
Auto First Aid Kits
Don't Text and Drive
Stop the Texts Stop the Wrecks
It Can Wait - Keep Your Eyes on the Road, Not on Your Phone
Roadtrip America - Drive Safe with Uncle Bob
Drinking and Driving.Org
Tips How To Prevent Someone From Driving Drunk
How to Spot a Drunk Driver
What to Do if You See a Drunk Driver
Lifesaver Ignition Interlock
Southern Car Buyers - Road Safety (UK)
Road Safety for Children Under Seven (UK)
Guide to Child Care Seats - the Law
The Complete Resource for Young and First Time Drivers in the UK
The Ultimate Guide to Driving Safely & Avoiding Distractions
A Practical Guide to Road Safety
Ultimate Guide to Car Seat Safety
Drunk Driving Criminals: Stats, Risks and Consequences 

Common Sense About Kids and Guns
The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
Violence Policy Center
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence/Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence
Stop Our Shootings

Moms Demand Action
Stop Handgun Violence
ASK Campaign - Is there an unlocked gun in the home where your kids play?
Eddie Eagle - Does your child know what to do if a gun is found?
Women Against Gun Violence
Everytown for Gun Safety
Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence
States United to Prevent Gun Violence
Bear Mace for Personal Safety
JPX Less Lethal Weapon
Demand an End to Gun Violence Video

Operation Lipstick
How to Respond to an Active Shooter - Their Goal is to make the Bullet Obsolete 

Norman Rockwell Museum
Vincent Van Gogh Museum
Salvador Dali Museum
Marc Chagall
Andy Warhol
Keith Haring
Anne Geddes
Ansel Adams Gallery
Georgia O'Keeffe Museum

Carnet d'Art  -  a_head's art pad

Sharon Davson
Lui Bolin - Invisible Man
Toothpick Art by Steven J. Backman
Mouth Foot Painting Artists
Sand Sculptures

Josephine Wall Art Gallery
Michelle Wrighton
Willard Wigan (Minute Sculptures)
Julian Beever Pavement Art
Artists and their techniques
Museum of Neon Art

String Spin Drawing Program
GeeZees Custom Canvas Art (You Design it)
American Museum of Photography
Photography Tips
Pixoto - How Good Are YOUR Photos?
Garden of Serenity - The Contemplative Photographic Art of Roger Allen Baut
Micah Diamond Photography
Emily Dolenz Photography
Photography by Suzanne
Wildflower Photography by Tom Kornack

Flickr - Share Photos Online
Robert Silvers - Inventor of Photomosaic Process
Photobucket - Photo Sharing Website

Movie Posters at Amazon
Magic Eye (Find the 3D Image Within the Picture)

How to Crochet - Video
All Free Crochet
Crochet Pattern Central
Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set
Artworks for Change


The Sims 2
Second Life
Soleau Non-Violent Games
 iTunes App Store
Google Play Store Apps
Yahoo! Games
MSN Games
Juggle Mania
Game Scene
Play Free Online Games
Where's George? - Track Your Dollar Bills
20 Questions Online
Place the State
People Power - The Game of Civil Resistance
Free Rice - Donate rice by playing this word game
Etch A Sketch
Spinning Slinky
iSketch - Multiplayer Draw and Guessing Game
Balance the Balls
Guess the Colors
Free Pacman
Free Invaders
Word Search
Crossword Puzzles
Guitar Hero Online


Poem Hunter
Magnetic Poetry
Children's Poetry Books at Barnes & Noble
Kenn Nesbitt's Poetry for Kids
Poetry for Kids
Giggle Poetry - Kids
Passions in Poetry
Friendship and Love
Poetry Archive
Classic Poetry Aloud
Writer's Free Reference
The Blog of John Hewitt - Skills to be a Freelance Writer
Blurb - Self-Publishing Site
Lulu - Self-Publishing Site
FastPencil - Self-Publishing Site
CreateSpace - Self-Publishing Site
WEBook - Self Publishing Site
Writer's Digest
Writer's Write
Very Short Novels - 299 Words - Anything More is Waste by davidbdale
My Social Book

  SHOUT my Book - Boost your book with Social Media


Library of Congress
Reference Desk
LibWeb Library WWW Servers - World Libraries Online
Open Library
Internet Public Library2: Information
Amazon Books
Barnes & Noble
Book Search (Rare and Out of Print Books)
Project Gutenberg
The Online Books Page
Book Bub - Thousands of Free Books
Multilingual Books
LibriVox Audiobooks
Read Any Book
goodreads - Social Networking Site
Library Thing - Social Networking Site
Read Print - Social Networking Site
Book Browse
The Children's Reading Foundation
Reading is Fundamental
Reading Rainbow
100 Great Children's Books
Dr. Seuss Books
Highlights for Children
Weekly Reader
40 Places for College Students to Find Free Unabridged Books Online
Chicken Soup for the Soul
Guinness Book of World Records - Set One!
List of Famous Authors
Famous Authors
31 Noted Authors Pick Their Favorite Books
Book lovers: What's Your Reading Personality?
Just the Right Book - Matching Readers and Books
Best 100 Authors Voted by Regular People (LOL What's a "Regular Person?" :)
Volunteer|Reach Out and Read
Literature for Children and Young Adults Examining Issues of Violence and Conflict Resolution

We're Different, We're the Same
Happy To Be ME!
Seven Great Children's Books with Same Sex Parents
The Story of Ferdinand
The Legend of Lightning Larry
My 10 Favorite Children's Books About Adoption - by Adoption Magazine
A Mighty Girl Spotlight: Ten Body Image Positive Books for Mighty Girls
Books to Read to and with Your Children About Bullying
Explaining Special Needs to Your Child: 15 Great Children's Books
7 Great Books for Preparing a Toddler for a New Sibling


WORLD PEACE: 25 Most Inspiring Songs of All Time
Songs for World Peace
Top 50 Peace Songs
List of Anti-War Songs
Songs for Peace
American Experience: The Development of Radio - Where Old Radio Shows Live Again!
20th Century Radio - Old Time Radio Shows
Internet Radio
iHeart Radio

Lyrics Finder
Song Meanings
Virtual Online Keyboardd and Chat Rooms
Classic Bands - Where Are They Now?
Music Notes - Download over 3,000 Sheet Music Instantly
20 Surprising, science-backed health benefits of music
American Music Therapy Association
The Voice
Front Row Tickets

 New York's Broadcasting History

IMDb - Internet Movie Database
Coming Soon - Movie Trailers
Amazon Movies
Yahoo! Movies
Leonard Maltin's Movie Crazy
Movie Theater
Where to Watch
The Paley Center for Media
 Museum of the Moving Image
Not Starring - Movie Roles Stars Didn't Get
Does Media Violence Lead to the Real Thing?


TV Guide Online
Television History - The First 75 Years
Television History
Yahoo! TV
TV Shows - YouTube
USAADS - World's Largest TV Commercial Database
As Seen on TV Infomercials
TV Party! - Classic TV
The Classic TV Database
FCC V-Chip
The Impact of Media Violence on Children and Adolescents
TVShow Time
Next Episode

History of Theatre
American Theater Web
Theater Mania


Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Still Tasty - Ultimate Shelf Life Guide
Value Penguin - Nutrition Facts
Food Network
MorningStar Farms
Linda McCartney
The Pioneer Woman
Betty Crocker
Del Monte
Birds Eye
Taste of Home
Top Secret Recipes
Hometown Favorites
Veg Web
Veg Source
Veggie Heaven
AllRecipes Vegetarian
Abbey's Vegetarian Kitchen
Kookist - The Ultimate Guide to Cooking with Kids
Complete List of Hawaiian Recipes

Pen Pal World
Planet Friendship
Penpals NOW
International Pen Pals
Global Pen Friends
Pen Pal Schools
Students of the World
Amazing Kids Penpal Program

Making Authentic Friendships - Children with Special Needs
 Slowly App


Second Life


American Greetings
123 Greetings
Jacquie Lawson
Free E-Cards Online
Funny E-Cards
Birthday Alarm
Blue Mountain
Got Free Cards
Fleeting Greeting
Happy Birthday to You


Who Invented the Clock?
The World Clock
World Time Zone
World Time Server
Time Zone Converter
Time Zone Check
Who Invented the Calendar?


American Bar Association: Find Legal Help
Law Guru
Just Answer - Law
Attorney Pages
United States Courts
Legal Help Lawyers
Free Advice


Greater Good
Global Goods Partners
Web Thrift Store
Shop.Salvation Army,Org
ebay Giving Helps
Good Shop
Giveback Box
Oxfam America Unwrapped
Common Kindness

Tom's (Creator of the One Day Without Shoes Campaign)
SoCal Honda Dealers
 More Good Today - Kindness Across the Country
Nano Ice Cooling Necklace Beat the Heat in Style - I adore it!

How to Start and Operate Your Own Bartering Club
Barter Systems, Inc.
Barter Business Exchange, Inc.
Title Trader: Swap Your Stuff
Home Exchange
Couch Surfing
Welcome Home
Go Swap
Swap Style
Babysitter Exchange
PaperBack Swap
99 Gamers
Shared Earth

Family Search
The Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.
Billion Graves
Find My Past
Genealogy Bank
My Heritage
Newspaper Archive
The U.S. GenWeb Project
History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy
GENEALOGY - The Complete Resource Guide
New York City and the History of Ellis Island
Claire's Corner - How to Get Started on Your Family Tree
DNA Weekly
The Hub Post: A Genealogy Guide
Public Records Reviews: Genealogy Research Strategies

PBS: History
The History Place
The U.S. 50
The Library of Congress Presents America's Library: America's Story
Born on This Day in History - What Famous People Share YOUR Birthday?
Seven Wonders of the Natural World
World History Timeline
Ancient and Modern World History Timeline for Kids
This Day in History
HistoryNet: What Happened This Day in History

Current Travel Warnings for U.S. Citizens
Virtually There
The Foreseeable Risk Analysis Center
Travel Safety
Top Tips for Safe Travel
Are You an Aggressive Driver Quiz
Travel Channel
How Do I Apply for a Passport?
Traveler's Checklist
Google Earth
Virtual Tours
EarthCam - See the World via Live Cams
Zillow - See Information About Your Home Here
Like a Local - Search for Things to Do in any City
MapQuest - Map out your Trip and Get Directions
International Student Exchange Programs - Live in Another Country for a Year
HomeLink - Exchange Your Home with Others to Meet Your Travel Plans
International Home Exchange Network
Moving Van Lines: All You Need to Know About Moving


Space Daily
Hubble Space Telescope
Night Skies Network
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Space Camp
All About Astronauts
Curious About Astronomy? Ask an Astronomer!
A Day in the Life Aboard the International Space Station
Star Name - Name a Star!
NOVA: How Big is the Universe?
National Geographic: Our Solar System
Send a Message to People in the Future
Earth From Space
View Space from a Realtime Telescope
Travis Walton Author of, "Fire in the Sky" and "The Walton Experience"



10 Most Compelling Pieces of Evidence That Prove Time Travel Exists
How Time Travel Works
NOVA: Traveling Through Time
GIZMODO: Yes Time Travel is Possible: Here's How
Stephen Hawking: How to Build a Time Machine
8 Bizarre Pictures and Videos Which 'Prove' Time Travel Exists
Scientists Explain Why Time Travel is Possible
Building a Time Machine "is possible" Claims Professor Brian Cox


Wiki How
How Stuff Works
Answer Bag - Every Question Deserves a Great Answer
Quora - The Best Answer to Any Question
AllExperts - Ask an Expert a Question
DIY Network
Google Translate
Amazon Echo and Alexa
File a Police Brutality Complaint Here
Repair Clinic
The Queen of Clean
Spell American Sign Language Words
Print Your Own Stamps and Shipping Labels
Better Business Bureau Complaint? File it Here

Still Tasty - Check to see if your food is still good
Best College Scholarship Search
Duolingo - Learn a New Language
Grammica - English Grammar Check


Desktop Reminder
Birthday Alarm
Get Organized Now
Time Management and Personal Organization
Padfly Free Online Scratch Pad
Graffie Diary - My Friend William Created This :)
Life Lock - Identity Theft Protection
Digital Safety -  A blog post that gives an overview child online safety, social media safety, etc.

Consumer Reports
Excel Easy
Flowers by Number - My Friend Rhonda Created This :)
Fiver - Marketplace to Earn and/or Search for Services that mostly cost $5 (or sometimes more) - Be a caregiver or Need a caregiver here
The Happy Broadcast - Good news and ideas for a happier planet
Just Answer - Experts answer all of your questions
Internet Advisor - Internet Safety Guide